Skull Flower (Reclamation #1)

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Skull Flower (Reclamation #1 )

5x7", Edition of 10

Handmade Paper, Spray Paint*


About The Reclamation Series

One of the founding principles of Despair Factory was sustainability. We've put a great deal of effort into finding ways to reduce material waste, design our products, packaging, and processes to have minimal negative impact on the environment, and find creative ways to use what we have. It's still a work in progress.

This limited edition print is the first manifestation of those efforts: The paper these prints are on was made in-house at the factory using the cardstock scraps from our greeting card production line. Allegedly, one of the factory workers fell into the pulp vat, but that has not been proven and Despair Factory is not legally liable. Pieces in this series will exclusively use found and recycled materials.


* Due to the imprecise nature of both spray paint and handmade paper, each piece from this edition will look different. The one pictured is 1/10.